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Tanznacht Berlin 2020-2021

Tanznacht Berlin

Our 3rd collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin created a dynamic representation of contemporary dance influenced by the turbulent times that we live in.

Tanzfabrik Berlin


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Displacement has become a pivotal experience of our contemporary world and one of the most significant consequences of neo-liberal society and its inequalities. Tanznacht Berlin 2020: VERTIGO refers to the difficulty in finding orientation, to a state of constant dizziness, where crises are followed by crises, and society seems constantly on the verge of collapse while more and more technological innovations are pushed on the market. The five-day programme of dance performances and a choreographic group exhibition was framed by a symposium, a documentary film programme, performative tours, musical performances, discussions and community events.

Event Photography by 
Dieter Hartwig

Displacement and reorientation:
Visions of humanity in space

Visually translating the subjects of displacement and re-orientation we used Don Davis’s space art portrayals from the 1970’s as key visuals – artistic visions of future space colonies and humanity in space. The artworks reflect the main thematic focal points: finding orientation in a state of displacement and the critically transgressive power of imaginative travel. They propose strange and unexpected visions of possible futures, powerful scenarios that can be disturbing or amusing, comfortable or aggressive. They reimagine behaviours, relationships, orders (and disorders) within our current society and consider how some divergent impulses collide or evaporate.

The festival publication is the key media.