Interweaving the Arts in Europe

Interweaving art projects, artists, institutions and events our virtual carpet reflects and connects all information and activities on the art platform.

Akademie der Künste Berlin


Web Design

LOOM – Interweaving the Arts in Europe is aiming to manifest artistic initiatives of the European Alliance of Academies – a transnational network that advocates for the freedom of the arts. The platform strengthens the network, its visibility and provides a basis for intensified transnational projects and artistic collaboration, creation and communication. For the website the main task was to create a visual concept that is experimental and reflects the creativity of the arts and in the same time is user-friendly, barrierefree and with a clear structure.

Coding by

Loom is a project of the Alliance of Academies and therefore also uses the same Corporate Design elements: logo, fonts and colors. For the LOOM Logo we created several variations. Following the topic of interweaving and networking the logo is always built and animated using a thing line / sewing thread.


Referring to the topic of interweaving we created a virtual carpet on the landing page that weaves all information and new activities within a never ending carpet. Through the carpet the user can explore all information on the website in an experimental way. Alternatively the main menu can be used to access all information. All informations are connected using tags and categories and can be filtered on every page at any time.

The art projects can be created by the artists themselves. With a maximum of freedom the artists can use individual layout modules, custom html, image, video and 3D, background settings, fonts and colors to create a unique art page.