Forms of Migration

Forms of Migration explores the potential of literary and aesthetic forms of expression to shape our understanding of transnational migration processes.

Falschrum Verlag


Book Design
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Addressing im/migrant forms of expression around the globe, this rich, illustrated collection includes poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, analyses of diasporic fashion, cinema, and mixed media installations, as well as performances turned into writing, photographic work, collages, and drawings. Forms of Migration shows us how to apprehend migration differently, through innovative storytelling, offering opportunities to confront the complexity of migration processes.

To illustrate the transformation of a migration, our visual concept is based on a variable font that changes shape on each page of the book. The headlines change throughout the book from Light/Condensed to Bold/Extended, the page numbers in the opposite direction. Text passages abruptly change from white to black, thus interrupting the flow of text and the reader’s viewing habits, who constantly have to adapt to the visual environment. The cover illustration visualizes the topic of form, movement, direction and changes in an abstract form.

Edited by
Stefan Maneval and Jennifer A. Reimer

Published by
Falschrum Verlag

Ömer Alkin, Salma Ahmad Caller, Reine Chahine, Chaza Charafeddine, Karolina Golimowska, Piotr Gwiazda, Ikram Hili, Ronaldo Lopes de Oliveira, Stefan Maneval, Lisa Marchi, Stephanie Misa, James Nguyen, Enaya Othman, Matthias Pasdzierny, Anne Quéma, Jennifer A. Reimer, Susanne Rieser, Silvia Schultermandl, Wendy M. K. Shaw, Don E. Walicek, Hiba Yassin, Fatmeh Youssef, Ranin Youssef, Karen Tei Yamashita


Print length
275 pages

Variable Font: Acumin Pro by Robert Slimbach

Migration often comes with changes of the habits … so does our visual concept for the book

The cover illustration visualizes the topic of form, movement, direction and changes in an abstract way.
The book cover is produced in 4 colors.