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Faith Travels by Streetcar

Faith Travels by Streetcar

How do members of religious and non-religious communities give visibility to their beliefs, and how are they perceived from the outside?

Falschrum Books


Book Design

Religious and further normative practices structuring and regulating public and private life often involve objects of daily use. The exhibition “Faith travels by Streetcar” focuses on the rules, convictions and conventions of the monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – as well as on secular beliefs through objects of daily use.

Referring to the general topic of the exhibition we developed a publication with a religious look and in the same time clean and straight layout showing the objects in a neutral and almost standardised way. Since the exhibition is about everyday objects, we have included a few “objects” (photographs) in the cover that can be individually selected or exchanged.

Edited by
Stefan Maneval

Amro Ali, Schirin Amir-Moazami, Julian Bauch, Daniel Boyarin, Sarhan Dhouib, Patrick Ebert, Wietske de Jong-Kumru, Stefan Maneval, Nora Schmidt, Christoph Wiesinger

16,5 x 24 cm

Print Length

Published by
Falschrum Books


Beside the hot foil embossed title the book also includes a pocket showcasing some “objects” on the cover.

While developing the visual concept we also did some research on religious books. What they all had in common was the color gold as well as a relatively handy size.

The gold was incorporated into the concept with a golden edge colouring and the book size was kept relatively small just like religious books.

Just like a religious book, our visual concept also includes a special finishing.