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Everything Is Just for a While

Everything Is Just for a While

Reflecting on the past in order to (re-)shape the future was the motto of the special exhibition on the occasion of 70 years Berliner Festspiele.

Berliner Festspiele


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Everything Is Just for a While is a special exhibition at Gropius Bau on the occasion of the Berliner Festspiele’s 70th birthday consisting of a 3 channel video installation showing 5 hours of film footage from public and private archives. For the exhibition we developed a timeline with illustrative info graphics representing 70 years art, dance, theatre, festivals, concerts, performances, talks, leadings, theoretic discourse and much more. For our 17 meter wide and 5m high wall installation we only used sustainable materials: Wood and paper for the timeline; the typography and illustrations were manually drawn and painted onto the wall by hand.

17×5 meters:
All type and illustrations were drawn by hand.