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European Alliance of Academies

European Alliance of Academies

The EAoA condemns the war against Ukraine and invites Ukrainian art academies to join and calls for dialogue with artists in Russia and Belarus

Akademie der Künste Berlin


Web Design
Visual Identity
Print Media

The European Alliance of Academies aims at initiating an alliance of art academies and cultural institutions across Europe – a transnational network that advocates for the freedom of the arts. We developed the visual identity and created a website which allows live streaming and online conferences. For the events across Europe we developed a visual concept that can be adapted to individual topics. The international approach is visualised by including all languages of the European Union within the website.

60 art academies and cultural institutions across Europe, 24 languages and 26 countries joined forces for the freedom of the arts

For hybrid events and livestreams in Berlin, Budapest, Madrid, Amsterdam, … we created a flexible typographic grid and shapes that reflect the individual topics